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The related policies inventory of China's security industry in 2014
As we all know, the security industry by major integrated products, systems and operations services of three major components, which in turn are divided into product video surveillance, burglar alarm, access control and intercom and other four categories. Terms of market share, have not changed much in recent years, security systems integration (including installation) accounted for about 46% of products accounted for 44 percent, accounting for 10% of operational services. As can be seen in the domestic security industry, the development potential and market size are the primacy of the systems integration business. 2014 coming to an end, here is the 2014 China's security industry-related policies.
Xiamen City is a pilot public Things start monitoring the elevator platform. 2800 the remnants of the city has installed an elevator system networking platform, the progressive realization of the automatic alarm function. With the "Xiamen City Elevator Safety IOT public service platform technical specifications" forthcoming recently, the city's elevator safety IOT platform will also have a uniform construction standards. Future, Xiamen City in the elevator are expected to enter the public safety IOT platform.
According to the Chinese report released hall security industry market research analysis report, December 23, 2013, the Xiamen municipal government issued "Xiamen City high-rise building fire safety regulations," in 2014 on the full implementation of this provision. The "rule" from the five aspects of the implementation of more stringent high-rise building fire safety management requires careful organization and implementation of high-rise buildings of the city fire safety management. It is the first high-rise building fire safety management Fujian normative documents.
February 12, 2014, the world's leading security products and solutions provider, today announced An Langjie: An Langjie supported by the Institute for Security introduces a "lean health white paper." The launch of the White Paper is not only the results of the medical 安朗杰 another deep vertical market was also launched with a high fine management guidance for hospitals and other medical institutions.
Published February 14 in Beijing in 2013 Blue Book mapping geographic information display, China Communications Construction wisdom by the government, research institutes and enterprises invested heavily, especially for large IT enterprises to actively provide travel information services to enterprises as the mainstay of the Intelligent Transportation Development the initial formation of the new model. "Wisdom Chinese geospatial intelligence system research report (2013)," said, "five" After nearly three years of transportation investment scale 4 trillion yuan, of which clearly accelerate the intelligent transportation and information technology, intelligent transportation has risen to national strategy. 30 provinces and municipalities to establish a travel information service system, and establish mechanisms for information collection and management, covering highways, waterways, civil aviation, railways and other travel information services provide the basis for protection.
February, the State Council issued the "Decision of the State Council for the cancellation of a number of administrative examination and approval and decentralized projects" (Guo Fa [2014] on the 5th), cancellation and devolution of administrative examination and approval items 64 and 18 sub-items again, where "Computer Information System Integration enterprise accreditation "," computer Information System Integration qualification assessment project managers "and" information systems engineering supervision unit qualification and supervision of qualified engineers determined that "administrative license to cancel the project.
By the end of March, the National Intelligent Transportation System Standardization Technical Committee on the "electronic toll parking CPU card data format and technical requirements" and other four national standards for public comment to the industry and society.
March 5, 2014, South Korea issued a notification to WTO, announced the "Electrical Safety Control Act," the implementation of the draft laws and the implementation details. With the "Electrical Safety Control Act" (EASA) the amendment in 2013 announced July 30, subordinate laws need be amended accordingly. Due to current (DC) electrical accidents increased range of electrical products will be revised by EASA management to cover current products. Approval of the draft and proposed effective date of July 31, 2014, from the date of notification within 60 days for public comment.
April 16, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Consumer Electronic Product Investigation Office of the Joint National Radio and Television Products Quality Inspection Center and foreign mainstream 4K TV manufacturers Samsung, Sony, Sharp, LG, Skyworth jointly held "4K really first class audiovisual experts in Beijing - the first second-generation ultra-high-definition 4K TV norm conference. "At the meeting issued a "4K Ultra HD TV inspection report" and "second-generation ultra-high-definition 4K TV White Paper" (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper), the White Paper on the basis of "super-high-definition display certified technical specifications" for high performance 4K TV product-related performance indicators were upgrade, the original show 8 to 14 performance indicators show performance indicators as well as the basic configuration of the hardware and an intelligent matching requirements. The White Paper will be released to consumers in higher performance 4K ultra-high-definition television products provide authoritative basis.
The physical network China's first white paper published in 2011, mainly on the basis of the analysis. With the recent development of physical networks mature, has been far from enough. May 2014 on broadband communications and physical interconnection level forum, the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute once again released a new white paper things, the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute of Communication Standards Institute, deputy chief engineer of the party meme Things ATR also carried out a detailed white paper interpretation.
Civil Explosives, refers to all types of gunpowder for non-military purposes, the inclusion of civil explosive name of the table, and its products and explosives detonators, fuses and other ignition, detonation equipment. These products are in the production and application of common than essential, but their presence also great harm, especially in the process of production and transportation, the requirements are very strict, the slightest mistake, the consequences could be disastrous. To this end, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology outside to strengthen the management of the categories of articles, issued "on the strengthening of civil explosive production and sales of security management and control of the entire process," which requires improving civil explosive (hereinafter referred to as "civil explosive items") production and sale of part of the security management and control capabilities, the demand for protection of economic and social development and public safety.
July 9, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Division Chief for the collection of publicly available cloud services 7 national communications industry standard views that China cloud services security specifications, officially referred to the table, but also that the cloud service safety importance of national security. Calculated from the cloud development and policy experts at the forum was informed that the Ministry on 15 July 2014 issued a trusted cloud services certification. Alibaba, Baidu, Jingdong, blue flood and other cloud service providers will get a trusted cloud service certificate.
August 4th Shanghai issued the "important parts of the key units to prevent security technology system requirements" local standards (hereinafter referred to as standard), starting November 1 of this standard will be officially launched. Some of the eighth on hotels, office buildings and other commercial security systems do a more detailed provisions. Standards, Shanghai hotels, office buildings security technology to prevent system design, evaluation, construction, testing, inspection, and maintenance requirements. Applicable to the city has 30 (sets) rooms or 50 beds or more hotels, and 500m2 (or more) commercial office security technology. Existing home use, alteration or extension of the rental, security guard system should be the standard for design and construction. Some large rental housing accommodations, resorts, training centers, membership clubs, leisure and entertainment, and has 30 (sets) rooms or 50 beds below the hotel security technology to prevent system refer to this standard.
August 7 NDRC issued a document called, in the first half of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission to thoroughly implement the innovation-driven strategy to accelerate the strategic transformation of the economic structure as the main direction of reform and innovation and development, and effectively promote the smooth high-tech industry and strategic emerging industries healthy development.
Urbanization, so the city was given the unprecedented right to economic, political and technology, the city was inevitably pushed to the center of the world stage, playing a leading role. At the same time, the city is also facing environmental pollution, traffic congestion, the challenge of energy shortages, inadequate housing, unemployment, disease and so on. In the new environment, how to solve the many problems arising from urban development to achieve sustainable development has become an important proposition of urban planning and construction. In this context, the "smart city" has become a viable solution to urban problems of road, but also the future trend of urban development.
Therefore, in August 27 of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban-Rural Construction and Transport Ministry and other ministries of the eight cities of wisdom construction and planning jointly issued guidance, wisdom indicates that China has entered the national urban construction overall planning era.
Standard means that authority, which is to guide the production, management, and ensure product quality basis, to enhance the company's reputation. Based on the brand's foundation is no doubt that both the quality standards, it is competing for market, protect the industry to seize the high ground. Invited by the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Public Security fingerprint lock products have settled in new products and technology demonstration center of Deshi Man, again with a new version of the electronic lock industry standard drafters took part in the revision of electronic anti-theft lock industry standard 2014 year. The security alarm system by the National Standardization Technical Committee (SAC / TC100) organized by the Ministry of Public Security and Police Electronic Products Quality Inspection Center drafting of a "new standard for electronic locks" revised.
October 27, Inner Mongolia Government Information Office held a press conference to announce, "Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Public Security Video image information system management approach" (the way) will be officially implemented from November 1. According to the deputy director of the Legislative Affairs Office of the regional government ORTHOPAEDICS, the "approach" Total 27, a clear idea of the government-led construction of public security video surveillance image information system, established the public safety video surveillance images orderly sharing of information resources, and further refinement of the installation scope of public safety video surveillance images of information systems.
With the implementation of security projects increasingly full month of security engineering design and construction are increasingly marked need for standardized management. Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau was informed that since November 1, Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Province will be officially implemented "Banks business premises security systems engineering technical specifications" compiled by the provincial Public Security Bureau and other units, "residential district security systems engineering technical specifications" and "road vehicles bayonet systems engineering technical specifications", which marks the Shaanxi above three areas of public safety facilities gradually into the formal standardization track.
At present, China has a 28181, SVAC national unified interface, to achieve interoperability of mandatory standards, but it seems that these two standards is not enough, many places still loopholes. In November, the China Hi-Tech Fair in China Smart City Forum held in Shenzhen, the first Institute of Ministry of Public Security chief assistant, researcher Yu Bing brought a message of concern, security video surveillance technology in the field will be Tim two national mandatory standards, namely "social security an important place for video surveillance images information gathering technology requirements," "security video surveillance network information security technology requirements," two standards approved by the Ministry of Public Security project.
November 27, 2014 Fourteenth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Liaoning Provincial People's Congress of the Twelfth "Liaoning Province Public Security and Protection Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), the bill will be February 21, 2015 formally implemented. Protect life safety, good public security, beginning from the norm of daily behavior, good all-round protection.