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Video surveillance command center display control system solutions
(A) Background and Challenges
Public Security Command Center is to protect public safety and public emergencies, events, places traffic dispatching emergency management, a large amount of information in the command center, high-data-stream and multi-channel monitoring business needs, the large-screen display control system flexibility to easily provide a content-rich, accurate and efficient information platform for image display, a close combat requires integrated information display interface that allows commanding officers to make timely plans, programs and policy advice to ensure that the decision-making chain of command, the command prompt can be safe convey the execution and feedback to ensure that the entire chain of command with a linkage, efficiency, integrity.
(B) Solutions
Display Control System Command Center in an integrated platform as the core control unit, can easily access a variety of signal and output to LCD or DLP big-screen high-definition display.
The command center using the video display control system integrated platform powerful data processing and splicing control can be realized on a single screen, the whole screen display, arbitrary division display, image overlay, be cut to display any combination of display, image translucent blending processing, image roaming, image stretching and LOGO / OSD display and other functions, to meet user demand for all forms of screen display.
(C) Highlights
A) Integrated HD encoding, HD digital matrix, high-definition image output, high-definition image control functions, to achieve a video image from the collection, transmission, coding, switching control to display the full application of;
2) Support analog SD, analog high-line, network SD, network HD, hybrid surveillance digital HD compatible front-end access, and support of computer signal, decoding video signals and other signals conference on the wall;
3) The system is highly integrated, the traditional video surveillance system video matrix, RGB matrix, video codecs, and other large-screen device features integrated into the video integrated platform to achieve a streamlined room wiring and reduce system construction costs while greatly improving the stability and reliability of the system;
4) is compatible with a number of analog matrix can be achieved with existing analog matrix systems interconnection mutual control, effectively protect the user's investment;
5) support network through optical fiber or multi-stage cascade, to meet the requirements of multi-level multi-tier architecture to achieve lower levels of resources to call and cross-device control matrix and fiber cascade can achieve real-time lossless transmission of video signals, to protect video high quality and low latency;
6) provides real-time capabilities through the fog, without fog, haze, rain and other weather, to ensure a clear image display; also supports times smooth frame display function, can significantly improve the dynamism in the video moving object, to improve the image of smooth , to ensure a comfortable viewing experience.