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Infringement announcement
The announcement of ANKD 2014 No.005 

Recently, we found that there are some unscrupulous shops theft our company’s product image and software effect picture to release false product information and price.Which seriously damage to the benefit of our company and our customers.. Hereby ,our company make an formal announcement, detail as below:
1.The housing of this camera is a private mode which designed and developed by our company. See the picture :
2.The effect picture of the product is from the product exhibition hall of our company. See the below picture:

3.Our company never sell this series of products to that company or authorize them to sell our products. Their behavior has cause infringement to our company.
4.The similar products above 2 Mega Pixel are still in the process of development, never public sell to any personal or company.
5.Our company have already sent out a lawyer’s letter to the company of that unscrupulous shop, requested that unscrupulous shop stop their infringement action immediately .Otherwise, our company will take further action under the law.
6.Base on the above information, our company make this formal announcement. All of our customers please pay attention and reject this vicious illegal infringement action. If you have demand for this series product, please contact salesman from our company. If there is further news, our company will make an official announcement.
Shenzhen ANKD Electronics Co., Ltd