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4K technology application in bank security
Image resolution for video surveillance, no doubt, is the most critical characteristic, even more so in the bank security applications. 4K in bank security will give us super-clear visuals, while in other areas it has obvious advantages: high-definition can be more powerful supervision practices are compliant teller, but there are efforts to provide a clearer future disputes the image data evidence. Rich detail, not in order to see different areas and set up multiple cameras, but also saves the cost of investment. 
While 4K has obvious advantages in terms of image sharpness, but there are several problems in the promotion of bank security applications: 
1.Network bandwidth: network bandwidth has been the problem of bank security systems focus, traditional banking broadband network security monitoring system is generally 2M, if the transmission 4K, at least 6M-8M, even higher bandwidth, which require banks must put the cost of upgrading network bandwidth; 
2.Codec capability and storage capacity problems: 4K resolution is even more than eight million pixels, therefore, codecs, storage requirements are very high. Codec apparatus 4K in the process stream, the need for more processing power; for 4K stream, when storing the same code stream length requires more storage devices with storage space; 
3.Picture processing capacity: 4K resolution video surveillance images, the number of pixels screen objects more than ever, making the details presented more fully, provides more fidelity video image processing for the video picture processing technology, therefore, need have better picture quality processing technology and greater computing power to handle these richer detail. 
4K is a full systems engineering, transport from the front of the camera, the network to the back-end decoding, storage and display, require supporting 4K products must meet the requirements of every aspect of 4K in order to bring ultra-high-definition effect 4k rendered perfectly . As a super-high-definition 4K technology, you need to have strong technical support: 
1.Picture processing technology: the current "2K 4K related compensation technology transfer" is on the rise, the level of quality conversion technology will directly determine the viewing experience; 
2.Chip decoding capabilities: Currently emerging H.265 video coding has to ensure quality, reduce volume, easy to transport and other benefits.