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High-tech comprehensive invasion of the World Cup
One typical error in football history
The World Cup in South Africa lampard struck a shocking long shots hit the crossbar after playing into the top half a meter, but because of the line of sight, the duty referee and the linesman didn't make the right decisions, indirect eventually lead to England unbalance 5-1 defeat to Germany, which makes the whole world is under attack FIFA goal-line technology should be introduced more fair.While the World Cup was won't appear such errors, a number of high-tech achievements into, the World Cup has resulted in tremendous technological revolution.
After the World Cup in South Africa, FIFA passed during the race to introduce GoalControl resolution of goal-line technology.Rely mainly on the system installed in the field above the 14 sets of high-speed cameras on the steel frame, its 500 - frames per second, form a complete set of image processing software will be to filter images of the players and referees, every 0.002 seconds to locate a position of the football in 3 d space.Once the game of football over the goal line, GoalControl system will judge and send instructions immediately, the referee on the wrist of special electronic watch will be crazy like out of control vibration, flashing, to remind the referee, so as to reduce misjudgment.
In France against Honduras, karim benzema in the second half volley corner, the ball hit the post after the play to the goalkeeper suspected, but conveniently to remove to Honduras goalkeeper.To this it's difficult to see with the naked eye ball, the referee will rapidly in two seconds, all thanks to goal-line technology.It is understood that the technology from Germany GoalControl company fraud, the installation of each course is as high as 1.7 million yuan, the operating costs of each game also needs 25000 yuan.
World Cup opener when referee nishimura male from behind him took out A small bottle to spray on the ground, many people thought it was in Brazil for more than A dream through to the west village let players obedient artifact.This is called a wall spray technology, on the one hand, it can prevent player forward ball, on the other hand it can guarantee the defender out of 9.15 meters.Spray of this "wall" is a dissipation type spray, it can go away within 1 minute, negative effects on the environment.
This year's World Cup ball "glory" samba USES a new spherical structure technology, it is composed of 6 pieces of the same propeller shaped panel patchwork, was "the greatest football circle", its stability, waterproof, and better aerodynamic performance.
In addition to football, shirt is scientists main attack direction.Don't know what are the Italian players massage while I feel that the World Cup in Italy shirt sponsor puma design on the shirt "elastic tape PWRACTV movement, can the player body massage" micro "effect, make the player maximize muscle strength after fatigue, relieve muscle tension.At the opening ceremony that drove a "brain controlling exoskeletons" paralysis youth to kick off at the game, don't know the future high-tech will let people with disabilities can also play.In addition, the World Cup and SONY 4 k of RSS technology, its definition is four times that of HD.