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HD video surveillance applications in the railway station
The train station because of traffic, the environment and other characteristics need to focus on complex care , which the station HD monitoring system plays an important role , duty officer can Station Square , ticket hall , waiting room , pit mouth , site, the station 's passenger traffic as well as other places of public order to accurately grasp . Meanwhile , the camera can also be clear and complete record of criminals every move.
Meanwhile, on the big screen inside the train station monitoring command center can also see real-time video information pit mouth , ticket hall , waiting room and other places at the same time clearly show . The operator simply double-click the corresponding window on the computer screen , the place is full-screen , real-time situation can zoom in on the big screen. The system is easy to operate , also has a real-time playback , live pictures and other functions , and some cameras also have infrared night vision function. Meanwhile , the system also helps to effectively curb the railway police wrongdoing , the investigation of cases , to help people find relatives and friends got separated , lost items , to ensure that passengers travel safely .
Application Analysis
From the current situation , the technical protection , building effective video surveillance system is the most effective and powerful way , the video surveillance system can be all-round, all-weather , 24-hour monitoring of all the people and things . Regional monitoring including theft, robbery , fraud monitoring and prevention of Station Square , ticket hall monitor ticket scalper order and combating monitoring and forensics , waiting room monitor prevent personal and property safety of passengers and staff services, monitoring, monitoring travelers pit mouth stint order and the staff are in accordance with the operation , the site is in a safe area for passengers waiting vehicle orderly arrival monitored.
Station video surveillance system, based on the current bandwidth sufficient stability performance of computer communication networks , using current advanced video codec technology , stable and powerful performance of a variety of integrated video camera , microphone and other audio and video capture devices, will be distributed in the station range multiple monitoring points into a system that provides functionality for local monitoring station monitoring and management center staff and police officers , the system set aside public network interface, support for upper management to stop the operations of remote video surveillance.
Monitoring point is the front-end equipment cameras, audio and video codec audio and video capture devices based encoding function modules, the main camera on the station vehicle entrance channel , the station Station Square , Station ticket office , the station waiting room , station pit mouth , station sites and other areas of video capture , the open area boundary , Station Square, monitoring , optional high-definition PTZ camera with day and night referrals can ensure all-weather monitoring requirements , to meet the need to adjust the video direction and camera focal length multiplier based on conduct monitoring subtle , for the station ticket office , station pit mouth and other designated control points , you can choose a fixed angle high-definition bolt for site monitoring, need to use a large depth of field camera . Former General Station Station Square , site of the exhaust, dust and more, the camera selected protection level must be high, preferably with automatic dust removal feature.
Structural Analysis
Video coding compression devices can be selected according to the number of actual needs and monitoring point video channel for important places on the video image quality requirements of high places, optional coding ability of the network video servers, network video encoder currently has up to D1 (720 × 576) resolution, the control point for the video channel and more places , choose a multi-channel network video server , multi-channel devices currently optional 4 -channel, 8 -channel , 16-channel , 32 -channel ( rackmount ) .
Video surveillance network architecture
Most stations already have the internal communications network , a video surveillance system can directly use the existing internal network stations , video surveillance division dedicated VLAN, no need to increase investment, with high economic practicality.
Video surveillance terminal
Video surveillance terminal can be divided into monitoring client PC, control room video wall system / projection screen, leading portable terminal , WEB terminal several forms. Monitoring client PC and leadership for the same kind of portable monitoring terminal monitor mode , simply install the software on a PC monitor terminal and portable machine to ensure smooth network , you can point to the front-end video monitoring real-time monitoring , control room video wall / projection big screen then through a network video decoder decodes the network digital video output is an analog video signal, and then access the video wall or large screen projection .
Manage Distribution Platform
Center management platform as the core system management services , for access to video equipment , system users , monitor client account management and authentication , authorization , and user equipment , sub-sector , sub- level authorization , the establishment of large -capacity storage arrays for front-end equipment the video for central storage , document server , available for download and retrieve video playback video files.
Video distribution platform for video surveillance and monitoring points client scheduling and distribution of video data for all monitoring points in front of the terminal and , after dispatching distribution platform , the video data may pass through the center management platform, to be a direct path transmission , which can effectively relieve stress surveillance video data on the network .