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RMON will escort the ship safety
With the development of information security , due to the small traditional monitoring equipment monitoring range , low -resolution , and poor night vision capability can not meet the application requirements Waterway Waterway large area of security management . Hong Kong government departments at all levels to achieve remote monitoring of the safety and security of the ports and other production enterprises workplace , protection areas of the image , sound, alarm data , monitoring and control functions ; Hong Kong government departments to achieve the production and operation of each port in real time , centralized regulatory requirements , through a dedicated network or broadband network, the ports can access the enterprise video surveillance system belongs to the municipal administration department in Hong Kong to further build the national port remote network video surveillance platform. Or will use digital remote waters circadian escort ship safety monitoring system .
Earlier national waterway applications of digital remote monitoring system stems from the demand circadian
As we all know , China is one of the earliest use of waterways in the world , with the development of transport undertakings , water requirements of each river waterway communicate with each other to form a network connection , water waterway safety management requires real understanding of the normal running of the vessel, overweight situation , help search and accurate positioning of the boat into the region recorded grades do to prepare for the query.
China is building " digital water ", " water conservancy wisdom " to build a comprehensive water system remote video monitoring system , or are likely to flood occurred , danger , real-time dynamic monitoring of the disaster , to take timely preventive and remedial measures to comprehensively improve flood validity and reliability of flood work , reducing floods , relieve flood pressure , protect people 's lives and property plays an important role .
Digital remote monitoring system consists of day and night through the fog cameras, electric night of the long focal length lens, infrared cameras and digital microwave transmission systems and other components , with cut, copy , edit, save, and other functions. Full frame camera can monitor thousands of meters wide river, up and down the farthest distance of up to three kilometers monitoring , waterway managers live picture transmitted by sitting in the office , on the computer that you can visually see the situation in the bridge area waterway vessels sailing .
Installed in the waterway system consists of video capture camera systems, transmission systems, and installed in the command center of the display and control equipment consists of three parts , the transmission system using fiber optic cable or other means of communication . Video Capture System: Refreshing mist high megapixels camera , HD long focal length lens automatically zooms through the fog , infrared night vision imaging systems , laser-assisted lighting system , outdoor load precision PTZ , IP66 high density shields, front control panel , anti- composition of mine , grounding parts.
Intelligent Recognition warning system : The system used in the special port , according to the characteristics of different ports , choose different types of functional modules to achieve different effects of early warning information , such as fire, explosion, theft ; system is highly integrated and highly intelligent characteristics, with separate CPU operation mechanism , the field of view of monitoring targets for computational analysis , abnormal situation immediately warning ( fire / explosion alarm , burglar alarm ) ; special efforts to strengthen the safety management port / dock , to prevent accidents occurred strengthen port security staff , access to life safe harbor personnel , and port storage supplies , berthing ship safety play an important role .
Transmission system : transmission system using fiber optic cable transmission , or network -based motion detection microwave / 3G / satellite and other wireless transmission.
Monitoring center management system : a major large-screen display devices, digital DVR storage devices, digital video server playback devices , as well as the monitoring center management software platform ( Port GIS platform software linkage , according to the characteristics of available and suitable for the needs of the port can be configured to fire / explosion warning functional software system , anti-theft security management software, etc. ) , is the command center of the entire system .