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A new cake: countryside CCTV market
Technology has changed life ! Indeed, every time the outbreak of new technologies , will lead to changes in people's lives. Produce mobile phones and other communications equipment , changed the traditional way of communication , and all the time so that we all feel the high-tech power. Computers , the Internet generation, changed the traditional trading patterns , and there are more companies have joined e-commerce era. Generation of cars and other vehicles , radically improved the way people travel, so that people can easily shuttle to every corner of the world.
The same is true security industry , security monitoring system generates , changed the traditional sense of security , from the past to the present air defense , anti-technology , all reflect the impact of technology on people's lives. Modern city security monitoring system is relatively sound , smart city , the city's efforts to build peace , once again promote the urbanization process security , resource sharing is the ultimate goal of smart urban development.
In the rapid development of the city , yet there are " old and new " cell of the points , not to mention China's development is lagging behind in rural areas do, building security monitoring facility is good and bad. Some rural village streets to achieve the monitoring, but the villagers home security monitoring system is almost empty, there are still some rural areas still in the " naked " state , almost no monitoring facilities , still follow the traditional way that dog theft .
While some areas to achieve a street surveillance, but the actual effect what? I had in the previous article introduced to the author 's home in the village last year, he realized the streets monitoring. Ever since installed surveillance cameras, security villagers significantly improved , but years ago, has been found in the homes of villagers "lost dog " phenomenon , monitoring system performance makes you unable to lose a sense of security , it is not anti-technology , such as anti- dog .
Why let everyone have such feelings, mainly due to the application of the monitoring system and village cadres and villagers do not get the attention . Secondly , the villagers rights awareness is weak, the family lost much property that caught the thieves difficult, feel less attitude and more psychological , our only eat Yaba Kui . Finally , the thief has officially caught the villagers of this psychology, wantonly Pirates line , making the problem still happened so far .
From the current status of security in rural areas difficult to see that big of rural security market , but the idea of how to reverse the villagers anti-technology , and is currently a major problem . Anti- anti-technology as a dog is a big misunderstanding villagers for security facilities , how to get the villagers to eat sweetness is a safety issue every enterprise needs to face.
But the big development direction, the construction of rural security equipment , just a matter of time . Before the "home appliances to the countryside " policy, the rage , the major manufacturers have entered the vast rural market, hoping to mix with the villagers with policy Lianshu , at least let the villagers know that there is such a brand. " Appliances to the countryside " can be helpful villagers and businesses are seeking affordable for developing the rural market also played a good role in promoting .
Imagine if one day implementation of the " security to the countryside" , it is not safe for every enterprise is also an opportunity and challenge , enterprises can rely on security policy and the villagers , " mix ", " mixed Lian Shu ", the most critical is that it can not be let the sweetness of the villagers eat , whether through the establishment of a security system , does improve security in rural areas, increase farmers' sense of security.
For this vast rural market , businesses how to advance the "Sword" , will also determine the future status of enterprises in the civil security market . "One trick first , first step ," the truth we know everything , everything want to step forward , it will lead rival Shu Shibu , in the field of civil security , who let people get benefits, it is equal to first win the market.
Civilian security equipment and more emphasis on practicality , the farmers affected by different levels of education , knowledge, mastery significantly lower . Thus , civilian equipment should not need "new, extraordinary " function, you can only meet two simple , easy to use and really make the villagers feel , how technology is changing lives. Only personal experience to the power of technology , in -depth recognition technology to prevent heart in order to promote rural security market , with the majority of enterprises to make safe the people realize the double harvest.
Based on the current status of security in rural areas , rely on sound monitoring equipment alone , is not enough to promote the rural market , how to change the villagers' awareness of the inherent security is also very critical , on the one hand the need to vigorously promote the advantages of anti-technology , but we also need to strengthen villagers rights awareness . Although rural security piece of "cake " attractive , but also how to eat Ann enterprises need to face the problem.