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home security monitoring system
The living standards of people are improve, safety awareness has also changed , as people no longer aspire to the material aspects of life in the past , but more concerned about their own property. Demand off the market , increasing the demand for civil security market , and promote the rapid development of wireless security equipment , security vendors how to seize this great opportunity, in line with the needs of the public taste is occupied market holy grail.
That 's exactly what needs to conform to popular tastes child ? Throughout all walks of life , for the public users of the product , is nothing more than two : simple, easy to use. These eight characters seems simple , but the practical application is not easy.
How high-tech blend perfectly with the actual demand , which will probably take a lot of market application feedback , and technical staff constantly optimize the product comes from. Like cell phones, mobile phones currently available in the market , most are using the Android system, but how can monitor the characteristics of the product in conjunction with the Android system , the problem is probably the top of each mobile communications vendors to consider.
A man who will use the product , the product is a good market demand . Like the ancient poet , like poetry and strive straightaway , finished every poem to read to the children and grandmother , has been to modify their understanding of the job. Do product is also true , if the product can only be used by a few people , and that it should belong to the scope of the patent , but did not materialize to the product , the market operation is impossible.
Common household current market surveillance products , for example, which are supported by the device itself Andrews , IOS operating system software , software, although different functions, but all have one thing in common , and that is not much action buttons , which function keys simple clear, users learn, and not too highly complex principles, techniques inside.
Simple application of greater advantage of the elderly and children , and now more people working outside year , together with the elderly and children have much time , lonely old question arises . How better attention home for the elderly and children , civil security equipment is the main problem .
Since it is a simple and convenient features civilian security equipment , home security system construction that is also true . Construction of home security systems security systems than the industry requires specialized personnel cabling, power systems and other ancillary professional construction , home monitoring system is relatively simple, users can get their own DIY .
First, users need to consider a few points dispatched , usually 1-3 home surveillance cameras can be fully buttoned , if only concern for the elderly and children , as long as the elderly or children 's room can be dispatched a surveillance camera , if the budget is more than enough, you can consider installing a door into the surveillance cameras .
For example, the location of the installation of a window infrared detectors , if someone broken windows into the room, it can immediately issue a warning ; combustible gas detector can be installed in the kitchen , if the gas leakage accident occurred, the device will immediately alert the hazard control in the smallest range ; glass broken Cui , smoke detectors also be dispatched in the corresponding position indoors, make home security systems exhaustive.
4G licenses issued for mobile monitoring vendors, undoubtedly contributed to its hot-selling wireless monitoring devices , wireless monitor if speed before being constrained , so the arrival of 4G , it is bound to high-speed networks in the end .
4G network may implement a transmission rate of 100Mbps , the transmission rate is only required image quality 4CIF 2Mbps, so the 4G network to meet almost all users for the wireless networks. Thus creating a precedent for the transmission of wireless networks , mobile terminal users can achieve real-time view without geographical .
Requirements change the market structure , the rise of the civil security market , the majority of users to improve the security of their own property , the surge in demand , security vendors actively follow up . How to better benefit the people, security companies should start from the actual needs of users , to meet the requirements of the public taste , a man who will use , everyone loves to use the product , can be based on the civil security market .