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The developments and challenges of cloud storage in security industry
With the popularity of digital security technology, monitoring technology gradually to high-definition , network development , followed by a massive data storage problems , the storage device from the marginalized position monitoring system gradually moved toward the center of gravity in the monitoring system with the enhancement of centralized and also substantially enhances traditional storage methods can not meet the needs of network storage , cloud storage as a new storage service came into being.
    The so-called cloud storage means by clustering applications , grid technology and distributed file system function, the number of different types of network storage devices set up by the application software to work together to provide a system of external data storage and access to services , data storage and management that is at the core of cloud computing systems.
   Cloud storage is the core application software and storage devices through a combination of changes in the application software to achieve a storage device to storage services .
    By the definition of cloud storage can be seen, cloud storage has the following advantages and features:
   ( 1 ) ease of data management : the future users will migrate to the cloud to store most of the data , all of the upgrade and maintenance work is done by the cloud service provider to complete the formation of the unified management of data ;
   ( 2 ) the storage capacity can be expanded : cloud storage scalability , this feature allows users to insufficient storage space, no longer consider buying storage devices, cloud storage services can be extended in the original storage space , based on the storage needs of enterprises ;
   ( 3 ) saves users the cost of : Users do not have to worry about equipment upgrades , data migration or equipment eliminated, these infrastructure load borne by the service provider , users do not need to buy new equipment for data storage ;
   ( 4 ) Data Security: Certified data centers, cloud service providers to provide users with the most advanced data security technologies , such as disk- based compression , encryption, backup , and virtualization services , virtualized storage , data deduplication , data protection and other applications use technology . In addition to the safety certification requirements , most providers also provide 24 hours of daily monitoring, management and reporting services, which are generally companies, organizations can not do ;
   ( 5 ) unrestricted access : unrestricted access to cloud storage feature allows users to store the emphasis on flexible , resource services domain can access at any time , feel free to visit .
    Cloud storage compared to traditional storage
   Security technology from analog , digital to today's high-definition , network-based , from the decentralized, non-networked technologies toward networking integration, data center of the form forward. Corresponding storage technology from the VCR analog storage , DVR digital data storage to today's centralized network storage, cloud storage , which increases the demand for storage is mainly manifested in the following aspects :
    1 , mass data storage needs: to safe city for example, the monitoring ones to tens of thousands of road , to carry out such a large amount of data storage operations , traditional storage methods can not meet the demand ;
   2 , for data processing performance requirements: massive data will increase the data processing load , if the system performance is relatively low , the data processing speed is reduced, massive data processing performance data of the system have higher requirements ;
    3 , sensitive to the cost price of : mass data storage makes storage capacity increases , a corresponding increase in the cost of storage , which is unbearable for the average user ;
    4, centralized data management requirements : massive data storage requirements of a large number of storage devices for centralized management , centralized management of user data , can provide convenient and transparent support for end-user ;
    5 , grid requirements: Given the growing tendency to network monitoring technology development , based on TCP / IP network storage technology will play an irreplaceable role in the process of network monitoring technology in .
  Monitoring storage cloud appears , you can break the traditional storage model good work brings to storage constraints. Obviously, when faced with large amounts of data , cloud storage is the solution to the problem Terminator . The emergence of cloud storage , breaking the bottleneck of traditional storage performance, capacity , and the technology can join the network a large variety of different types of storage devices to form a very powerful storage capabilities , achieve significant performance and capacity expansion , so mass data storage as possible, allowing users to have a whole piece of cloud storage capacity without the actual storage tube , so as to solve the storage problem.
       Cloud storage compared to traditional storage , with the following differences:
( 1 ) from the functional demands, cloud storage for the various types of network online storage services, such as traditional storage is for high performance computing, transaction processing applications such direction ;
( 2 ) from the performance demands, cloud storage first consideration is safety, reliability, efficiency and other indicators of data, and because the user scale , wide range of services, the characteristics of complex network environment , to achieve high-quality storage will face greater challenges ;
( 3 ) From the data management point of view, not only to provide cloud storage is similar to the traditional POSIX file access , but also to be able to support massive data management , and public service support functions to facilitate maintenance of cloud storage system background data ;
    The challenges of cloud storage applications
    China 's security market is no doubt a huge space for development , the data indicate that state-led security spending to reach the scale of 600 billion yuan , and China compared with other countries security spending per capita is far lower than developed countries , and therefore the civilian market is hidden a very huge business opportunities , home security monitoring market is in urgent need of development .
    In the security industry, the first half of 2013 , and everywhere are talking about none other than the cloud , and cloud storage technology in the field of security has been widespread concern. In security monitoring applications, cloud storage can be more use of video surveillance hosting service , providing customers with a private cloud service for small -scale deployments , such as family , shops ; provide security enterprise cloud services will be customized independently by the cloud service providers to provide the necessary infrastructure , services, software and hardware resources ; data center model will be introduced and gradually become the mainstream form of security industry .
    Cloud storage has resource optimization , saving, reducing construction and operation and maintenance costs , expansion and other aspects of the advantages of sharing features open , improve application efficiency through cloud computing and cloud storage, you can better support business use .
    Start safe city , smart city projects , will further promote the application of the security of cloud storage technology . Wisdom requires a large urban construction is to achieve data linkage between the video store and share . For example, when a crime to track , store data public security, transportation, civil sector and other areas can be shared , and this share has the characteristics of cloud storage . The traditional storage technology can not meet the development needs of the community , so cloud storage applications in the field of security has become inevitable.
    In short, the cloud storage industry can not match the traditional way , to re- change the market structure store. As a service to provide data management may significantly increase the return on investment , and meet the control data management costs increasingly high demand , however, to adapt to this new model before mainstream companies need to overcome significant challenges .
    First, cloud storage has been able to be applied in practice , dependent on several key technologies : WEB2.0 technology, clustering technology , network storage security technology, application storage technologies , storage management technology and network bandwidth , so it faces this challenge is also based upon a number of technologies.
   First, as the primary security challenges .
   80% of business users do not want to cloud the business data on total , mainly from the security considerations of data, many users are suspected of network -based security that provides core business data is a massive presence of certain risk.
    Second, the construction of the data center is a major problem.
   Construction of the data center is not only related to the application of the key technologies , capital investment and more involved , there will be a lot of financial pressure on businesses , and government agencies in the deployment, there are many legal restrictions and regulations.
    Third, the reliability of data storage.
    Currently, the program uses a variety of cloud storage back-end technology , will a lot of redundant servers , controllers, storage devices and software together form a storage cloud , and standard security equipment not uniformity makes cloud storage reliability can not be reached enterprise-class array of requirements.
  Fourth, the cloud storage market limitations.
Users of cloud storage is currently limited to governments and large enterprises, and is currently a lot of big companies have their own IT infrastructure , are you willing to give up, invest a lot of money on information systems , storage systems, re- arranged into a problem, and therefore the profitability of cloud storage temporarily weak, maintenance costs higher than the storage center .
       The future development direction of cloud storage
       While cloud storage technology has faced challenges in the market , but the cloud storage has become a trend in the future storage growth. Currently, storage vendors are the various search applications and cloud storage together, the future development of cloud storage will be continuously improved from security, portable , and data access perspective.
       ( 1 ) Security: calculated from cloud to cloud storage, data security has always been the primary consideration user technical aspects and technical aspects of the business , and even the security of cloud storage requirements than local storage , so cloud storage service providers has been committed to providing greater security for data services , using a variety of encryption technology, which is stored in the cloud on the future development , still need to continue to improve, continue to fill the cloud storage security vulnerabilities ;
       ( 2 ) Portability: Portability is mainly to solve the user data set when the transmission problem of cloud storage , cloud storage combined with powerful portable functionality to transfer data sets onto any media and storage devices selected by the user , will be the future of cloud a trend stored ;
       ( 3 ) performance and availability : This is mainly reflected in the depletion of the delay time storage and network bandwidth , the latest generation of cloud storage breakthrough achievement, reflected in the client or the local device cache , the data will remain the most frequently used locally, so as to effectively alleviate the problem of Internet latency . In addition, cloud storage vendors will continue to strive to achieve the storage capacity optimization and WAN ( wide area network ) optimization to improve data transfer performance , increased availability of cloud storage ;
       ( 4 ) Data Access : the implementation of large scale mainly in the data request and data recovery , cloud storage is able to provide adequate accessibility. Of course, the solution depends on the future development of cloud computing technologies, including distributed task processing, massive data management , virtualization technology, the development trend in the future , these technologies will be further improved, thus improving data access capabilities of cloud storage .
       About the prospect of cloud storage , which is mainly divided types including private and public clouds , or divided into individual enterprise -class cloud storage and cloud storage , which mainly provides personal level cloud storage network hard disk function and online document editing functions , corporate and cloud storage includes storage space rental , data backup and disaster recovery capabilities, and monitor storage cloud .
       In recent years , the city of peace -building, the construction of smart city and Telecom, China Netcom launched the "Global Eye" , "wide horizon " and other network video surveillance system that makes cloud storage and security monitoring industry closer together.
       Safe city construction networking requirements proposed monitoring system , HD video capture hundreds of thousands of images and thousands of road surveillance cameras , storage devices and storage capacity of a higher demand. Brightest manufacturers launched its own networked storage devices, including DVR, NVR, NAS ( network attached storage ), SAN ( storage networking ), but a single private storage devices can not meet the needs of such a large store , only cloud storage ( ie, combined systems of various storage devices ) in order to meet this massive data storage needs. Safe city construction make surveillance storage cloud developed, while also monitoring the cloud storage appears to promote the peace of the city's construction .
       Smart City requires mutual linkage between video data storage , sharing, traditional storage technology can not meet the needs of social development , network -based data sharing can greatly satisfy the needs of such a storage cloud storage .
     The ultimate goal of "Global Eye" or " broad vision" system is to build a network of voice and data services similar to the same network , video surveillance systems across the country , providing remote for all users ( or places within the city limits of ) real-time video surveillance and video playback capabilities , and through the service charge. The use of cloud storage system, which will become a very simple matter. Builder system only need to consider the camera and encoder end equipment , for each encoder , IP cameras assign a sufficient bandwidth access network link is connected through the access network cloud storage system , real-time video images can be easily saved to cloud storage , and to achieve an image management and call management software through video surveillance platform . Users can not only through the TV to the wall or a PC monitor image signal , but also through mobile phones to remotely view real-time images.
       As a new concept in the field of security products , large-scale application of cloud storage depends on the user 's identity and the concept of cloud computing technology , along with the cloud computing industry development and business model continues to mature , cloud storage market will be huge , is also very broad application prospects . With the rapid development of network technology , factors affecting the promotion of cloud storage will disappear , cloud storage application for traditional equipment suppliers and systems integrators impact is huge.